Microcap tech trader stock gumshoe

Microcap tech trader stock gumshoe

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By marumitmJune 11, Anyone with an idea what are they talking about? Maybe he can figure it out for us.

microcap tech trader stock gumshoe

I been looking for 2 days for this nfc security no luck yet ,first i thought it might be GIG,gigaopticts I think I eliminated equipment since terminals are in use now in canada and europe.

I couldnt find a public traded company of his. What does everyone else think? FInally got to spend some time on this one today — new article is here: I knew you would figure out this mystery. I have been a subscriber for a few years now and you are the best there is!

Also, Thank you Tom for your correct ID.

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Secret Announcement by San Diego small firm on August 12, By marumitmJune 11, Posted In Guest ArticlesStocks Tags. Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe.

microcap tech trader stock gumshoe

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